Uniformed Services

The Uniformed Services Division is responsible for proactive patrol and answering calls for service within Jackson Township, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   Proactive patrol includes stopping vehicles for violations of the NJ Motor Vehicle Code ( Title 39 ), detecting crime and identifying and arresting drunk drivers.  Response and investigation of calls for service include motor vehicle crashes, burglaries, trespassing, shopliftings, disorderly individuals, domestic disputes, fire and first aid calls and escorting individuals who conduct professional psychiatric screening evaluations to name just a few.    

The Division has three ( 3 ) Platoons supervised by two ( 2 ) Lieutenants.  Lt. Sean Greenberger #228 supervises Alpha Platoon and Charlie Squad 1.    Lt. Richard Bosley #221 supervises Bravo Platoon and Charlie Squad 2.   Both Lieutenants have six ( 6 ) Sergeants and numerous officers under their command.  All of our officers and supervisors are highly motivated and come to work every day ready to protect and serve the residents and guests of Jackson Township to the best of their ability.  They may help a disabled motorist change a tire one minute and arrest someone for a heinous crime the next. 

Often overlooked but vitally important is the Communications Division which comes under the direction of Captain Giovanetti.  Supervising TeleCommunications Officer, STCO Sheri Witham oversees the day to day communications operations.  She supervises ten (  10 ) Full Time Telecommunicators (TCO ) and five ( 5 ) Part Time Telecommunicators.  These highly trained and dedicated TCO’s answer all incoming calls for service, whether it’s a call directly to the department or a 911 call, document the incident and dispatch our police officers to the call.  They also get the officer(s) any resources needed out at the scene, such as an ambulance, the fire department, JCP&L, or a tow service.   Without the Communications staff, our officers would not have the necessary information or support of resources needed to do their jobs safely and return things to normal as quickly as possible.   

A noteworthy service provided by the Police Department is the Patrol Check.  Township residents planning a vacation or an extended absence from home, are encouraged to visit the Police Department at any time to request a check of their vacant home while they are gone.