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Revaluation for Jackson Township

The township has been ordered by Ocean County Tax to do a complete revaluation of all properties in town.

This is a common question that we receive in our office:

1. Do you have to allow inspectors access to your property? You do not. However, after three attempts, your property will have to be estimated.

2. Can you appeal the valuation if you deny access? No, you cannot. It will be denied. Thus, it is more efficient for all parties, particularly the homeowner, that access is granted.

3. Can you appeal if you do allow access? Yes, you can

The reason for a re-assessment is to correct the valuation of all property types. Bringing everything to market value, the tax rate will go down offsetting the increase in assessed value. Typically, in a re-assessment taxes, 1/3 of properties will stay the same, 1/3 of properties will go down, and 1/3 of properties will go up.

At the end of the re-assessment you will get a preliminary card from the revaluation firm. If you disagree with their findings you will be given a contact number to call to set up an informal meeting to discuss your valuation.



Peter Maher, 


95 West Veterans Highway

Jackson, NJ 08527-3420

(732) 928-1200 

September 15, 2023

RE: Property Inspections for Revaluation –Township of Jackson

Dear Property Owner: 

Professional Property Appraisers, Inc. has been authorized by the Township of Jackson to inspect properties within the Town to collect data necessary to establish your 2025 Revaluation Assessment. 

The bearer of this letter is a bona fide representative of Professional Property Appraisers, Inc. and is inspecting on behalf of Jackson. 

If you have any questions as to the validity of this identification, please call the Township of Jackson Municipal Assessor’s Office at (732) 928-1200, or the Township Police Department at (732) 928-1111.   

Thank you for your courtesy and cooperation



Tax Assessor


Professional Property Appraisers, Inc.

Delran, NJ  08075

Toll Free:  1-866-957-1388


September 11, 2023                                    


Re: Revaluation Program               


Dear Property Owner:


This letter is to advise you that a revaluation of all properties located in the Township of Jackson is currently underway. This program, which has been ordered by the Ocean County Board of Taxation and approved by the State of New Jersey, Division of Taxation, will be implemented for the Tax Year 2025.


The goal of the revaluation program is to update all assessments to fair market value. To achieve this goal, all pertinent information must be accurately collected.  This letter serves as notice to the start of field inspections. This procedure includes a representative of the firm inspecting your property and measuring all buildings on, and improvements to, your land. If no one is available during our initial inspection, we will continue with the exterior inspection and leave a post card with a phone number for you to call to set up an appointment for an interior inspection.  Please inform tenants and/or caregivers of the revaluation program so they are aware of our upcoming visit. 


The people making this inspection are not responsible for developing the market value estimates. Their job is not to make an instant judgment as to valuation, but rather to collect information to be used in the valuation process. Each representative will be registered with the Jackson Police Department and will be wearing a photo identification badge.


At the conclusion of the program, you will be notified by mail of the assessed value established for your property. You will also be given an opportunity to discuss the new value with a representative from the appraisal company if you so desire.


Any property owner who would like information relevant to the revaluation program should contact Professional Property Appraisers at 1-866-957-1388. Personnel from our office will contact you to provide information to individuals and organizations.


Your cooperation during the revaluation of the Township of Jackson is necessary for its success.  It will also ensure the most accurate assessment of your property.




Professional Property Appraisers, Inc.