Veterans Commission

US Military Seals


  • John Allen
  • Frank Bartolomey
  • Ken Bressi, Council Liaison
  • Bruce Gataroska
  • Richard Hyjack
  • Barry Kakos
  • William Palme
  • Paula Robertson
  • Greg Werthmuller
  • David Whelan


The Jackson Township Veterans Commission was organized by/and at the direction of the Jackson Township mayor and Council. The Commission is comprised of members of various military service organizations and other members of the community interested in veterans services. The Jackson Township Veterans Commission is committed to providing assistance to all veterans.

The Commission is dedicated to working with other like organizations within the community to assist in the distribution of information to veterans regarding benefits available to them.

The Commission is further dedicated to supporting all areas that recognize the sacrifices made by members of our Armed Services and seeks ways in which to honor those services such as; the Jackson memorial Day Parade, and Veterans Day.