Captain John Giovanetti #217

Uniformed Services
Title: Division Commander
Phone: 732-833-3004

Captain John Giovanetti #217
Division Commander

Captain John Giovanetti is a twenty ( 20+ ) year veteran of the Jackson Police Department. Starting his career in 1999 he graduated from the Ocean County Police Academy Class #74 and then was assigned to the Midnight Shift. In 2007 he was moved to the Detective Bureau and investigated various crimes and incidents. In 2009, he was promoted to Sergeant and returned to the Midnight Shift supervising a squad of officers. In 2015 he was promoted to Lieutenant and supervised the Alpha Platoon and Charlie Squad 1 consisting of six ( 6 ) Sergeants and numerous officers. During this time, he also supervised the Bravo Platoon and Charlie Squad 2 for about a year while still supervising Alpha Platoon and Charlie Squad 1. Captain Giovanetti has two ( 2 ) Lieutenants, twelve ( 12 ) Sergeants and approximately fifty-five ( 55) Officers under his command. The Captain also supervises the Jackson Police Communications Room. There is currently one Supervising TeleCommunications Officer who helps oversee the day to day operations with ten ( 10 ) Full Time Telecommunicators and five ( 5 ) Part Time Telecommunicators. The Captain has an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice from Ocean County College and has attended classes at Trenton State College, now called the College of New Jersey. He has numerous commendations and certificates from various training classes, including supervision and leadership courses that he has taken over his career. The Captain also serves as the Municipal Counter Terrorism Coordinator for the agency


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