Who is eligible for a restraining order?

If you are 18 years or older, an emancipated minor, and have been harassed, stalked, threatened, assaulted, etc. by a spouse, former spouse, are expecting or have a child in common with abusive party, are currently living with the abuser or have in the past, are related by blood, or regardless of your age have had a dating relationship with a person 18 years or older or who is emancipated, and you are concerned for your safety, you may request a restraining order. You will be listed as plaintiff, and your abuser will be listed as the defendant.

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1. Who is eligible for a restraining order?
2. How do I get a restraining order?
3. What does a restraining order do?
4. What is a violation of a restraining order, what should I do?
5. Who can violate the restraining order?
6. Can I see or speak with the defendant?