Construction & Inspection


65 Don Connor Boulevard
Jackson, NJ 08527

95 W Veterans Highway
Jackson, NJ 08527

732-928-1200, ext. 1205


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Office Hours

8 am. to 4:15 pm

Call Hours

8 am. to 4:30 pm

Name Title Email Phone
Byrnes, Kenneth Fire Sub-Code Official Contact Kenneth Byrnes  732-928-1200, ext. 1303
Charzewski, Kerri Clerk Contact Kerri Charzewski   
Darrar, Irina Clerk Contact Irina Darrar   
Demarco, Stephanie Technical Assistant to Construction Official Contact Stephanie Demarco   
Denmark, Risa Clerk Contact Risa Denmark   
DesJardin, Kristian Electrical Inspector Contact Kristian DesJardin   
Doggett, Ernest Fire Inspector Contact Ernest Doggett   
Gorski, Jason Building Sub-Code Official Contact Jason Gorski  732-928-1200, ext. 1302
O'Connor, Brent Construction Official Contact the Construction Office  732-928-1200, ext. 1220
Pansini, Linda Clerk Contact Linda Pansini   
Rudolph, David Electrical Sub-Code Official Contact David Rudolph  732-928-1200, ext. 1327
Schmalz, Kevin Plumbing Sub-Code Official Contact Kevin Schmalz  732-928-1200, ext. 1326
Silkowitz, Ben Plumbing Inspector Contact Ben Silkowitz   
Wilton, Richard Building Inspector Contact Richard Wilton  732-928-1200, ext. 1323
Wyer, Kevin Building Inspector Contact Kevin Wyer