Construction & Inspection


65 Don Connor Boulevard
Jackson, NJ 08527

95 W Veterans Highway
Jackson, NJ 08527

732-928-1200, ext. 1205


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Office Hours

7 am. to 4:15 pm

Call Hours

am. to 4:30 pm

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Charzewski, Kerri Clerk Contact Kerri Charzewski     
Demarco, Stephanie Technical Assistant to Construction Official Contact Stephanie Demarco     
Gorman, Brooke Clerk 1 Contact Brooke Gorman  732-928-1200 X1332  
Doggett, Ernest Fire Inspector Contact Ernest Doggett     
Pansini, Linda Clerk Contact Linda Pansini     
Rudolph, David Electrical Sub-Code Official Contact David Rudolph  732-928-1200, ext. 1327  
Schmalz, Kevin Plumbing Sub-Code Official Contact Kevin Schmalz  732-928-1200, ext. 1326  
Wilton, Richard Building Inspector Contact Richard Wilton  732-928-1200, ext. 1323  
Wyer, Kevin Building Inspector Contact Kevin Wyer