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Accessibility for All: Steady Progress on Improving  

Handicapped Accessibility for Elderly, Disabled Residents   

Jackson Township’s Accessibility Upgrades, Both Completed and On-Going,

Bring Improvements to Senior Center, Township Buildings and Parks  

JACKSON TOWNSHIP, N.J., Sept. 30th – Jackson Township is making significant improvements to support handicapped accessibility at the senior center, municipal buildings and parks, all in an effort to enhance barrier-free access for elderly and disabled residents.   

“We have a special obligation to support the needs of our residents who are elderly or disabled,” said Jackson Township Mayor Michael Reina. “Each of these improvement projects will not only help our elderly, disabled and veteran residents make their way to and from gatherings and appointments with greater ease and safety, but will also ensure they feel welcomed, acknowledged and cared for by the larger Jackson Township community.”   

Utilizing a multi-year, federal grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in the amount of $156,062, the township has undertaken a series of projects to improve handicapped accessibility at key locations throughout town, aligned with the spirit and intent of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Here’s a summary of the work that has been completed, as well as projects that are underway and/or planned:    

Jackson Township Senior Center at 45 Don Connor Boulevard

  • The Jackson Township Senior Center has received numerous upgrades over the past few years, including HVAC renovations, automatic ADA-accessible doors to the building and ADA-accessible restroom facilities. Additional projects for the senior center are now being designed and planned, including a new welcome counter that is ADA-accessible and improvements for the entrance sidewalk. 

Township Administration Building at  95 W Veterans Highway

  • The Jackson Township Administration Building has new, fully-renovated public bathrooms that are ADA-accessible to benefit members of the public and township employees. Additionally, ADA-accessible sidewalks have been installed at all rear entrances to the building.

Parks at various locations in the township 

  • New, ADA-accessible walkways are planned for township parks as part of the federal grant. Locations will be determined during the planning process.  

“We want all residents of Jackson Township to feel welcomed and safe within our community,” said Mayor Reina. “And that starts with ensuring all residents can enjoy equal access to our township facilities. We’re proud of the progress being made. Getting around the senior center, the township administration building and, pretty soon, at our parks will become a bit easier for the handicapped and disabled.” 

Accessibility upgrades have been underway since 2018 and will continue through 2024, per the terms and parameters of the federal grant. 

Jackson Township New ADA Walkway at rear of Township Administration Building Sept 2022Jackson Township New ADA Accessible Bathroom at Township Administration Building Sept 2022

About Jackson Township

Jackson Township is a growing, suburban community that offers an ideal environment for families and businesses to grow and prosper. Covering over 100 square miles, Jackson Township is the fourth largest municipality, as measured by area, in the state of New Jersey, and is home to just 60,000 residents. The township boasts an excellent public school system and first-rate recreational facilities, including newly renovated parks and athletic fields. Situated in beautiful Ocean County, N.J., Jackson is located within a short drive from the Jersey Shore and about an hour’s drive to New York City or Philadelphia. The township was incorporated in 1844. Visit Jackson Township’s website at for more information.


Accessibility for All: Steady Progress on Improving Handicapped Accessibility for Elderly, Disabled Residents

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