General Duties

The Business Administrator, under the direction and supervision of the Mayor, shall:

  • Assist in the preparation of the budget
  • Administer a centralized purchasing system
  • Be responsible for the development and administration of a sound personnel system
  • Perform such other duties as Council may prescribe as delineated by ordinance


The Business Administrator shall, subject to the direction of the Mayor, supervise the administration of each of the departments created and established in this Code. For this purpose, he or she shall have power to investigate the organization and operation of any and all departments, to prescribe standards and rules of administrative practice and procedure, and to consult with the heads of the departments under his or her jurisdiction. 

Provided that with respect to any department of law or department of audit, accounts or control, the authority of the business administrator under this section shall extend only to matters of budgeting, personnel and purchasing.