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Currently there are a few road closures and detours around town as a result of Township, County and Municipal Utilities Authority projects. Residents that do not reside in the immediate area of these projects may not know about these detours and/or closures until they come upon them, which could affect their timing and travel plans. Please make a note of the following current and upcoming projects when making your travel arrangements.

Bethel Church Road- paving is planned for late Fall 2017.

N. Cooks Bridge Raid Bridge Replacement- possible road opening late 2017 with final paving in the Spring of 2018.

Whitesville Road culvert- postponed at the moment.

The following is an anticipated schedule for the 2017 Pavement Improvement project.

Week of 9/25/17
Complete Concrete at Kenneth and Leanne 9/25 (Completed)
Concrete along Hemlock Hill Road (Tentatively moved to Friday/Monday 10-9-2017)
Concrete along Buckingham Drive 9/27-9/28
Pave Leanne and Kenneth 9/25-9/26 (Completed)
Pave Perrineville Road and Willy’s Lane 9/27
Concrete on Paterson Road 9/29
Pave Maplehurst and Bellevue 9/29

Week of 10/2/17
Pave Clearstream and Black Oak 10/2
Pave Hickory Road and Holman Lot 10/3
Pave Swimming, Ocala, Spring, Zinia and Parkhill 10/4
Pave Sergey and Park Ave 10/5
Pave Patterson Road 10/6

Week of 10/9/17
Pave Perrineville Road and Willy’s Lane 10/9
Pave Black Oak Road and Hickory Road 10/10
Pave Hemlock, Mulberry, Harvest, and Yellowwood 10/11
Buckingham Drive 10/12-10/13

Week of 10/16/17
Punchlist/Striping Possible remaining Underdrain


We apologize for any inconvenience. Please remember- the disruption is temporary but the improvement is permanent. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

The Municipal Engineer’s Office may be contacted at 732-928-1200 ext 1229, should you have any questions regarding these projects.

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