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From The Desk Of The Mayor, Stay Calm, Stay Safe, Stay Home

From The Desk Of The Mayor, Stay Calm, Stay Safe, Stay Home


Stay Calm. Stay Safe. Stay Home


Jackson Township, NJ, April 3, 2020: During this unprecedented time, the Nation and the State are taking measures to slow the spread of COVID-19. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those impacted by this pandemic.

As Mayor, I want to assure you - with confidence - that Jackson Township is also doing its part to keep its residents safe. We adhere to all necessary precautions for both our staff and the public. Your continued support is greatly appreciated for the dedicated men and women who serve the public. We are here for you.

Since March 13th, when it was announced that Ocean County had its first confirmed case of this disease, the Township began implementing changes to protect both its residents and employees starting with what is believed to be the most vulnerable - the senior population. Thus, all activities at the Jackson Senior Center were canceled since this date and will remain closed until deemed safe to reopen.

The Senior Buses are still running, however, only to provide those without transportation a means of getting groceries and necessities. The Center staff is also making regular wellness checks and providing assistance via telephone.

Immediately following, and in keeping with CDC Recommendations including Social Distancing guidelines, the Township conducted business in a different manner.

· All Municipal Offices were closed to the public, keeping the offices open to certain employees who are available to assist you via telephone or email.

· Increased disinfecting, including misting equipment, began at all parks, playgrounds, and township buildings, focusing on ‘touch points’.

· Various public and internal meetings have been moved or migrated to Zoom Conference Call technology.

· All indoor housing inspections are temporarily suspended and applications are now being submitted via email or a drop box supplied at the appropriate location.

Over the past 3 weeks, the number of those infected has increased substantially. The latest numbers for Jackson was reported at 120. Strict measures in place include,

· The Township has implemented modified schedules in various departments

· 1 worker per vehicle to enhance safety

· Closed all playgrounds and active recreation, such as Tennis and Basketball Courts.


Virtual Government: In order to speed online services now and in the future we are pleased to announce the implementation of GovPilot technology throughout all relevant departments. In the next few weeks you will experience the ability to work more virtually with Jackson Township. Enhanced payment systems including credit card processing are in development as well as updated website technology. The start date is anticipated to be May 1 with certain elements available next week. Check the website as it evolves at www.jacksontwpnj.net

Additional safety measures beyond mandates are also in effect. All employees, upon arriving to work, are temperature scanned before allowing access to the building. This extra step helps ensure the employees safety while providing needed services in the most efficient manner possible considering the circumstances. To work for the greater good, we are working on the ability to host a blood drive through the American Red Cross at this crucial time of need and will update you as soon as possible.

Your police, fire and first aid stand ready at the front line on a 24/7 basis. I thank them for going into harm’s way for all of us. I thank all of our dedicated employees for going above and beyond the call during this pandemic to ensure that Jackson remains the best place to live, work and raise a family.

Jackson residents are a family of caring people who look out for others and working together, we will endure.

Stay Calm. Stay Safe. Stay Home



Mayor Michael Reina

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