95 W. Veterans Hwy, Jackson, NJ 08527 Tel # 732-928-1200

Division of
Construction & Inspection

Barry G. Olejarz, Construction Official



Jason Gorski                              Building Sub-Code Official  
David Rudolph Electrical Sub-Code Official  
Kevin Schmalz Plumbing Sub-Code Official  
Kenneth Byrnes Fire Sub-Code Official  
Richard Wilton                           Building Inspector         
Kevin Wyer Building Inspector  
Ben Silkowitz Plumbing Inspector          
Kristian DesJardin Electrical Inspector  
Ernest Doggett Fire Inspector  
State Elevator Sub-Code/Inspector  
Stephanie Demarco Technical Assistant to Construction Official (TACO)  
Linda Pansini Clerk  
Irina Darrar Clerk  
Kerri Charzewski Clerk  
Risa Denmark Clerk  


The application for Commercial Sales, Leases and Rentals are not on line and must obtained from the office for verification.
The fee is $200. Made by exact cash or check.

State of New Jersey; Elevator Safety and Construction Call 609-984-7833 Fax 609-984-7084

All applications & inspections for the installation of an Elevator are submitted to:
State of NJ, Department of Community Affairs
Division of Codes and Standards Elevator Division
101 South Broad Street P.O. Box 816
Trenton, NJ 08625-0816

Physical Location Mailing Address
65 Don Connor Blvd
Jackson, NJ 08527
Phone: 732-928-1200 Ext 1205                 
Fax: 732-928-7861
95 W. Veterans Highway
Jackson, NJ 08527

Schedule an Inspection (NEW CONSTRUCTION ONLY)

Please Note that this e-mail address is for scheduling construction inspections under permit. Click here to Schedule an inspection or call 732-928-1200 ext. 1205.

For Information on the following, utilize the Uniform Construction Code:

  • 5:23 - 2.6 Change of Use
  • 5:23 - 2.7 Ordinary Maintenance
  • 5:23 - 2.8 Installation of Equipment
  • 5:23 - 2.14 Construction Permits - Wnen Required
  • 5:23 - 2.15 Construction Permits - Application
  • 5:23 - 2.15A Construction Permits for Single Risidence
  • 5:23 - 2.16 Construction Procedures
  • 5:23 - 2.17A Minor Work
  • 5:23 - 2.18 Inspections
  • 5:23 - 2.18C Use & Occupancy of Swimming Pools, Spas & Hot Tubs
  • 5:23 - 2.22 Premanufactured Construction
  • 5.23 - 2.23 Certificate Requirements
  • 5:23 - 2.24 Conditions of certificate of Occupancy

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