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[pdf] 01-18-17.pdf157.7 KB2017-Feb-02
[pdf] 02-01-17 .pdf297.1 KB2017-Feb-16
[pdf] 02-15-17.pdf244.4 KB2017-Mar-02
[pdf] 03-01-17.pdf245.9 KB2017-Mar-16
[pdf] 03-15-17.pdf204.2 KB2017-Apr-07
[pdf] 04-05-17.pdf231.0 KB2017-May-04
[pdf] 04-19-17.pdf227.1 KB2017-May-04
[pdf] 05-03-17.pdf222.8 KB2017-May-18
[pdf] 05-17-17.pdf57.1 KB2017-Jun-08
[pdf] 06-07-17.pdf204.7 KB2017-Jun-22
[pdf] 06-21-17.pdf207.8 KB2017-Jul-20
[pdf] 07-19-17 .pdf225.8 KB2017-Aug-03
[pdf] 08-02-17.pdf242.4 KB2017-Sep-08
[pdf] 09-06-17.pdf236.9 KB2017-Oct-05
[pdf] 10-04-17.pdf206.8 KB2017-Oct-19
[pdf] 10-18-17.pdf196.0 KB2017-Nov-02
[pdf] 11-01-17.pdf229.7 KB2017-Nov-30
[pdf] 11-29-17.pdf380.8 KB2018-Jan-18
[pdf] 12-06-17.pdf239.6 KB2018-Jan-18
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